Techflow has been offering structural steel connection design services to various fabricators and contractors from USA / Canada and other countries since last more than 23 years.

We have team of expert connection engineers who can provide cost effective connection with calculation and stamping. Techflow has capability to provide PE/SE registered stamping for all 50 States of USA and 3 Provinces of Canada (Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia).

Like our other engineering detailing services, our connection design services are second to none.

Connection Design Connection Design

We design connections with the fabricators and erectors in mind and we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure an economical, safe and code-compliant connection. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of steel connection designing and offer quality connection design services.

Techflow strives to be a leader in connection design by providing the economical and quick turnaround solution to connection design. We produce structural steel connection calculation that is clear and well organized so that everyone involved in a project is able to understand and follow.

Our priority is to build long-term, healthy relationships with our clients by understanding their needs relative to steel fabrication support engineering for their projects

  • Structural Steel
    Connection Design

    Moment connection

    Shear Connection

    Bracing Connection

    Truss Connection

    Erection Support

  • Miscellaneous
    Item Detaliling





    Connection Design

    Anchors Design




  • Misc Fabrication
    Support Design

    Panel Engineering

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