Techflow Engineers 2017 Quarter 3rd Review meeting

Techflow Engineers , the global leader in structural steel engineering services held its meeting with the employees for third quarter of the year Goa, 11th November 2017.

This was part of the regular meeting held on a quarterly basis in Techflow Engineers. The aim of this meeting was to get inspiration from the leadership and also understand the vision of the management for the next quarter!

All function heads presented their viewpoints and updated everyone on the overall business and how Techflow fared in Q3. Employees were encouraged to participate actively in the meeting and to be open about their suggestions and feedback.

The following was the agenda of the meeting

  • Discuss the performance and development of Techflow Engineers for the quarter

    Agree on business targets and objectives for the next quarter

    Plan out personal and career development, with steps to achieve the same

    Review past performance and recognize and reward successes

    Identify areas for improvements/changes in the organization

The company and individual leadership team's dashboards were discussed in detail. Areas of improvement were identified, which will enable the organization to achieve the targets set for next quarter. Techflow Engineers, being a market leader, stays ahead of the industry in adoption of latest technologies and best practices. Various software and processes were discussed and new areas for training were identified for employees. Finally, the annual and long term plan was reviewed to ensure that the organization is on the right track.