Techflow - Mumbai ( HO+QC ) Annual Party
25th January 2020

Mumbai ( HO+QC ): Annual Party - 25th January 2020 Venue : Country Inn & Suites, New Mumbai.

Parties are all about bringing people together and having fun, Techflow Mumbai organized a grand party, the staff came together & made the event memorable.

It was Saturday, 25th January evening. The party was beginning to take shape, People were getting into the groove The atmosphere was full of fun, excitement and promise.

The Honorable President Mr. Uday Khandekar shared his past experience about few ups & downs and successes in business. At the same time, he revealed some very personal life experiences & shared his own examples to prove that if there is a will there's a way. No matter how though the situation is, one must believe in oneself & should put efforts in the right direction. Success will definitely follow at the opportune moment. These words of encouragement filled all the attendees with motivation & determination to succeed in their individual goals.

Everyone enjoyed each moment of the various performances by the teams, followed by awards ceremony, group dancing & of course, the delicious dinner.