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Duration: 3 Months with 500 hours of Training

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Learn from the industry leader, Techflow.

350 Hours Classroom Training

150 Hours of practical exposure

Learn from practicing professionals.

Learn 2D Drafting/Detailing

Learn 3D Modelling

Learn Softwares like Tekla & SDS

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Certificate Course in Structural Steel Detailing (CCSSD)

Training in CCSSD for a duration of 3 months will qualify you as entry-level Steel Detailers. In the first month, trainees will learn concepts, techniques and will know the accepted practices in the detailing industry. Students will learn 2D drafting/detailing and will get trained in specialty areas of detailing. The next two months of the program, trainees will have developed the drafting and 3D modelling skills.

Qualification criteria
Degree/Diploma Engineer from Civil or Mechanical.

Objective & Outcome

After successful completion of the course, you will be having.

  • Fundamental knowledge of drafting and detailing
  • Knowledge of detailing as per National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD)standards
  • Awareness and familiarization of AISC/CISC detailing standards
  • Conceptual Knowledge of steel building erection
  • Basic Knowledge on "International Building Code (IBC)" relevant to steel detailing
  • Basic knowledge of 2D – 3D detailing software (Tekla/SDS)

Course Components & Assessment Levels


  • Detailing & drafting fundamentals
  • Detailing training module videos

Mid assessment-1

  • 2D Drafting
  • Drafting (Editing) training on Tekla/SDS
  • Erection drawing drafting training on Tekla/SDS

Mid assessment-2

  • 3D modelling & connection training on Tekla/SDS

Mid assessment-3

  • Awareness for detailing as per AISC/CISC standards
  • Training on steel building erections
  • Awareness on Osha standards
  • Awareness on International Building Codes (IBC), relevant to steel detailing

Post assessment

  • On job training & sessions.

Final Examination & Certification


A certificate of completion is awarded to you after successful completion of the training Techflow awards merit certificates to the students based on their overall grades.

  • Gold Certificate

    90% & above

  • Silver Certificate

    80% & above

  • Bronze Certificate

    70% & above

CCSSD Passed Out Candidates

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. You did it, it's time to celebrate, Congrats!
Now you can finally start getting paid to work rather than having to pay to do it."

Review From CCSSD Passed Out Candidates
After Completing 1 Year In Techflow

The 3 months Training of Certificate Course in Structural Steel Detailing includes all the basic training required for developing a good detailer. The syllabus included in the training helps to be an efficient detailer. The knowledge & teaching ability of trainers was most helpful for us. There are so many useful things I learnt during this training that are helping me in my daily work now. The training program adds basic & advance knowledge & concept which are more addition to our academic knowledge. All the training sessions, software application & projects were covered as per provided training schedule. It was a first step to be a proficient detailer.

After completing training, I joined Drafting team & worked as an editor for 3 months then I was promoted as a modeler cum checker. Team supported me a lot, taught me about detailing requirements. Still I am learning many more things from them on day to day basis. During project execution our Leader & team members helps juniors in their task by explaining project's & clients specific requirements. Seniors maintain very supportive environment on the floor, they are always available for knowledge sharing & their ability is too good. I would like to thanks Admin department for their support & arranging events, functions which enhances the bonding & atmosphere on the floor.

The company has very good reputation in the detailing field; I am very proud being working with this Organization. Regular training sessions arranged by the Organization helps us in learning advance stuffs in detailing. Technical & non-technical functions arranged by the department creates supportive environment on the floor. I would like to thanks our Organization for giving me an opportunity to work with.

Ujjwal Sambhaji Patil

I am really pleased for opting & completing the CCSSD course over here. The course was instructive and the system was well organized. Such a great experience, full of technics, methods, and challenges which took me deep inside the training. Supportive and skilled full tutors never let me down.

Techflow continuously examines administrative effectiveness and adopts better procedures for steel detailing. Seniors regularly guide new employees and suggest solutions on their problems. Leaders with clearly defined responsibility and authority supports team members in project execution.

This is the company where I am introduced to better work culture and learnt a lot of technological advancements in the field of detailing. Techflow allows access to all other employees and always open for their valuable suggestions.

Suvarna Ashok Patil

First of all, thank you so much for taking me to this level. Before joining this course, I wasn't having much idea about detailing field and Tekla software. This CCSSD training was held very nicely, objectives of training were very clear to understand. Distributed study materials were extremely helpful. Every part of training was done as per schedule & in timely manner. Most liking thing about the training is… it is job orientated and after training one needs very less efforts to match the momentum of regular working in Techflow.

Really nice working environment, great place to work with, very co-operative employee around. Everyone is allowed to communicate with others to solve difficulties in a positive way.

Techflow is very good place to learn new things and tricks about the Tekla & SDS2 software, also to get a worthy experience on various projects and client standards. Company's vision and protocols are very effective that has earned good reputation in detailing field.

Samadhan Ravindra Patil

Techflow's CCSSD is very well structured course which gives students deep knowledge & understanding about the detailing field. Training includes both theory and practical knowledge. Detailing perspectives & software are excellently taught by the trainers & at times, by the seniors from the working teams. Trainers were always ready & happy to solve student's doubts.

All employees get same deserving opportunity here in working teams. Seniors takes keen interest in company & employee betterment plans. I am enjoying & learning advance tools while executing my duties as a detailer.

Being a global leader in detailing field Techflow regularly train employees with deep knowledge and skills.

Sagar Rajendra Pingale

3 month's certificate course is wisely designed & it was conducted very well, trainer's teaching method was brilliant that made us more attentive throughout training. Steel detailing field was new for me that's the reason I took some time to understand but personal attention & detailed explanation clear all my doubts. Training syllabus was completed as per schedule. We all acquired good amount of technical knowledge through theoretical & practical sessions.

The working environment in Techflow is very encouraging, every team member is given opportunity to learn & understand new command and short tricks of detailing software. Every month different kind of activities are done which helps in boosting the employee's moral for performing the best.

Company has very good reputation in detailing field, rightly so & dealing with so many clients that keeps everyone busy with work & assuring job satisfaction to the employees.

Nikhil Sharad Patil

Training pattern is very good & scheduled in such a way that this course has become interesting and easy to understand. Trainer's way of teaching was very good, in fact excellent, with innovative and lots of technical knowledge they cleared out all our doubts immediately. I completed my CCSSD training as real time expert; this has turned me as a very satisfied student with adequate command on detailing software.

Steel detailing job is bit stressful, but managers & team leaders are extremely supportive and colleagues are great mentors as well as wonderful friends. Their guidance & knowledge sharing nature makes my task easier. Employee oriented working environment & frequent and different kinds of activities are boosting the employee with knowledge & energy.

Yes I can proudly say that I am part of this Organization which builds drafting and detailing knowledge in individuals.

Vivek Kailas Patil

Job oriented courses are always popular among freshers & after completion of training, one needs less efforts to match with the momentum of regular working of the Company. CCSSD trainer did total justice to the course & syllabus; it was knowledge gaining period about steel detailing & Tekla, a new field for us. Course was completed as per schedule.

In Techflow, once on board, every employee gets same deserving opportunities. Regular trainings are arranged to enhance the detailing knowledge of all concern. Company & employee betterment policy is kept on top.

Transparency is decent that gives access to study material & project information. Key employees are accessible for seeking their guidance & knowledge that can help in project execution. Work culture permits giving suggestions & Management is quite open for the same.

Shubham Vijay Patil

This 3 months duration course was very interesting and the material provided by the training adviser and branch office was very helpful for the understanding & mastering the course. Although it was sometime a struggle to hear the trainer because of poor signal quality on skype conversation, yet trainer was quite helpful. It will be great if few more hours are assigned for practice. Training was good enough for understanding the software but we learnt more on live jobs. Overall, it was a nice experience learning Tekla structure and basic needs of steel detailing. Thanks to Techflow for giving me such a great opportunity to work here.

It is good place to learn lot of tools and tricks about detailing software and get a good experience on various projects. The management is doing a good job for staff. I would also like to say about my colleagues and seniors, they are also really helpful and I learnt lots of things from them about our detailing work.

It is great to work for a company that is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Company has good reputation in detailing field. I learnt many things in this company which is not only helpful for my job but also for my social life.

Shailendra Chandrakant Rajput

Review from Students

  • Thank you TEIPL for great course CCSSD. The course was very relevant to my job & will help me in most aspects of my work. I learnt a lot in training class, thanks for taking extra time to explain things very clearly. I did progress in my knowledge & skills. The trainer's teaching method is really good. Thanks to both the trainers, they are best trainers I have ever seen.

    Thank youArbaz Mehboobmiya Mukadam

  • First of all thanks to HR-admin for her efforts to start 4th batch of CCSSD at Ratnagiri branch. 3 months of advanced training session arranged by TEIPL enhanced us to learn how work is actually done in Tekla software. We find Tekla software very user friendly for structural steel detailing. Trainers giving the training are very experienced in steel detailing, they are giving their best to cover each and every aspect start from basic to advanced. Throughout training was very interesting, mostly learning the 3D modeling was very exciting.

    Thanks to TEIPL.Ikram Majgaonkar

  • Thank you Techflow for thorough and well organized training about steel detailing. The course material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring one. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable. Training built my confidence and it was enjoyable, interesting & worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the preparation and execution of this job oriented training.

    Sincerely, Musa Ibrahim kaji

  • I am very much thankful to Techflow for providing training on steel detailing & for the online sessions, researches and references that had been provided. Thanks to all the training staff & management team for their valuable guidance during the training.

    Amit Deelip Patil

  • Yes I can proudly say that I am from this Organization which build drafting and detailing knowledge in me. All the credit goes to proficient trainers for teaching & sharing technical knowledge related to steel detailing. Steel detailing field was new for me but the course content, study and practice lend me to take more interest in adopting technical knowledge. I recommend my surroundings and contacts for taking part into it & make an outstanding career in steel detailing field. Finally, I do acknowledge the valuable guidance and explanation by training staff and employees on the floor.

    Greetings Asif Hakim

  • I am very much thankful to Techflow for providing me a vibrant technical knowledge about steel detailing. The provided training was so good that enabled me in scoring 'A' in certificate, it happened just because of guidance, healthy atmosphere and of course self-study. I like to thank you really for all that online sessions, research and references that had been provided from Techflow. Thanks to all the training staff & management team for their valuable guidance during the training.

    Thanking You, Rohan Mane

  • Mam you would be happy to know that I have been selected in Techflow production department after the interview. Three months of CCSSD training seemed to be a long time but learning under your mentorship felt like a breeze. The time has been a package of stress, excitement and tiredness but there was always to learn something from every situation.
     It was dreadful when I was not able to meet up with the submission deadlines but the determination to learn something new kept me going. Your strictness seemed to be bitter but as the time passed I realized all that proved to be beneficial in my favour. I received a lower grade and felt upset but now I feel like there is nothing to bother about. Working here at Techflow made me comprehensive. I am enjoying working here, your guidance have been a boon to my professional career. It is really great to have a mentor like you. All the credit goes to you & Techflow.
    Thank you for everything.

    Your's SincerelyZaid Patel

  • First of all, thank you so very much to get me to this level! Finally I am able to work in Techflow, as an important part of the organization.
    Before joining (the course) we didn't have any idea about this field and the work we are expected to do. In the last 3 months, you have trained me and have given me a sound grounding. In our training I studied about technical knowledge, shop drawings, erection & modeling. I am still trying to catch up with all that you taught. I am accepting that I need to practice more on shop drawings and erection drawing using the softwares provided. I will try to build up my knowledge further in modeling and technical knowledge as well. Once again thank you so much for your support and guidance, I hope you will be always there to guide me if I am unable to understand something about in my work.

    Regards, Sachin Patil

  • 3 months course was too good. We learned many more about this field from this course. This course is very helpful to us in our live job as a working professional. After completing this course, our first day of live job work was not like regular first day of job. We felt it like it was regular work that we have done from 3 months.
    Training efforts for our team & hard work are worth appreciating. All staff was very helpful for training and also for live job. I feel proud that I have done this course and because of it, I have entered in this field for live working.
    I have got all knowledge about this field from this course (Maybe not all knowledge but sufficient knowledge to get a relevant job). I specially thank TEIPL President and Training department Head and our trainer for giving me lot of knowledge from their experiences.

    Thank you so much. Ketan Chaudhary

  • There are too many good points to list, but I'll try and restrict myself to the most relevant ones:
    The objectives of the training was clearly defined
    The materials distributed were extremely helpful to me
    Appropriate use of different teaching aids (PPT, Chalkboard, Video model, Draw Sketch in particular)
    Clarity in Presentation was remarkable
    Activities in class helped me track my progress (Tests, Rubric-Scored Assignments, Writing Portfolio, Presentation, Notes, Projects, etc.)
    Rules set helped in maintaining discipline in the class room & on the floor.
    The Meeting Room and facilities were adequate and comfortable for all.

    Thank you. Jitesh Thakare

  • Hearty congratulations to all the organizers of CCSSD training program. Below are my experiences with this job oriented course.
    Training objectives were clearly explained and achieved.
    The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspect of my work.
    The presentation was very good and to the point and used in conjunction with easy to understand handouts.
    We interacted with industry personnel who are now our role models.
    I learned a lot in training class thanks for taking extra time to explain things very clearly.
    You gave us the extra help we needed.

    Thank You so much. Amol Kale

  • Thank you TEIPL for a great course. This course was presented in a spirited way and this was a fantastic practical course. Special thanks to Miss Priyanka Kolte for her training. She is the best trainer I have seen.

    Thank you Manoj Rajput

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